Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Mothers Wish List

The New Year is a time to fanaticize, dream, and wish, even if you know that’s what you’re doing. I am the father of five grown children who have their own families, and between their mother and three of my four daughters who are mothers, I’ve learned to appreciate and admire motherhood. It takes a special person to carry that title. From watching them in action, I’m able to compose this wish list for mothers. The list is versatile, and any mother can add or subtract as she wants.

• Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that have the daily required nutritional values a child needs. This of course includes the nutritional element that allows them to play without screaming and yelling, put away their toys, and look forward to taking a nap long enough for Mom to get a few moments rest and relaxation.
• The ability for Mom to find a time when she can tie up the bathroom long enough to take a relaxing bath, and not have someone knocking on the door saying that the other bathroom is in use, and they have to go so bad they can’t hold it any longer.
• A day that the kids realize they are siblings, and need to learn to get along with each other, and do.
• That someone would invent food that self-destructs when taken out of the kitchen.
• A way to program kids to say “You bet, Mom, I would love to do that,” and as an added attraction ask if any clothes need folded.
• A car with seat belts that really restrict a kid’s movement, so they can’t turn far enough to respond to a perceived wrong someone did to them. With them restricted, it would be nice to have a soundproof window that lowers behind the front seats, and shuts out the noise of them complaining about the restrictive seat belts.
• A body that will not get squatty with age no matter what Mom does or doesn’t do, or at least slow the process.
• On the subject of bodies, one that didn’t ache would be nice, or a pill that has the same effect as a night of uninterrupted sleep.
• A husband who will sometimes miss Monday Night Football and offer to clean up the kitchen after dinner, and occasionally say to his wife and the mother of his children, “I appreciate what you do.”
• A fairy god mother to make the above come true.

Remember mothers, it doesn’t hurt to dream, and with modern technology, who knows.

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