Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Where were You When I"...

The “Where were you when I”… questions in Job 38 and 39 are favorite meditation passages of mine, and the peace of Godly meditation permeated my mind as I looked into the sky that day. While I looked, I was entranced and true humility embraced me.

Where was I when You, oh God, came to my lips but went no further, because at that moment the word God seemed inadequate. I Am came close, as did Jehovah, and all the Majesty therein. For that moment I chose Majesty, and wondered if this was how Moses felt when he encountered the burning bush.

The day was a crispy warm, and the sky blue, deep and unending. It absorbed my gaze, and enveloped me in its totality. It became too much for my finiteness and I had to look away. What was I, a created, doing? What right did I have to grasp a glimpse of Majesty’s glory and attempt to comprehend it? Where was I, Majesty, when you spoke that day’s sky into existence?

I looked in the opposite direction, away from the clear deepness that never ended, and found myself face to face with white, powerful clouds. White reflects goodness and after each day of the creation Majesty saw that it was good. Did those clouds represent the creation I was amidst? As the clouds and I looked at each other, I wondered what they were thinking. There, in my minuteness I stood. A decaying body with a spiral notebook and .07 millimeter pencil in my hand to write of this experience. However, my mind was not able to relay to my fingers the words to express my feelings. I continued to stare at the peaceful clouds. They were, like me, a part of creation. Did they understand my inability to create into words what I saw? Then, I recalled the devastating power they could unleash when Majesty commanded. They are majestic and placed there by Majesty, what am I doing trying to relate to them. Majesty, I am so insignificant, where was I when you placed the clouds?

I noticed trees growing from the top of the buttes, and they seemed to grasp desperately at the clouds. Was I witnessing the groaning creation mentioned in Romans 8? When did Majesty plant and command them to grow, each after its own kind? Were they planted through Your flood? Were the buttes formed by slowly receding water? Did the arc float over this place? Was this spot left here purposely, so a servant could be encased in the glory of Majesties creation? Where was I Majesty, where was I?

A breeze was blowing. Is it the same breeze that blew when Majesty trod the roads around Jerusalem? Is the breeze continually reinvented? Ecclesiastes 1 says there is nothing new under the sun. Majesty, where was I, when Your breeze began?

I heard birds, but didn’t see them. Majesty, where was I, when You allowed sound? I saw birds but did not hear them, as they soared in the blue deepness. Majesty, where was I when You ordained sight, and the birds?

Thank you for that day Majesty, because You allowed me a glimpse of Your glory through Your creation. Majesty, I was not, because it was You, only You.

Majesty is glorified, for all He has done. Amen

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