Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Question and His Search for Life

Question sought an answer to life, and found his thoughts transfixed on the deeper aspects of life. He wondered whether there is a root of life, and if life reaches for anything? If it does what is the object of life’s reach? Is life similar to a branch on a tree? A branch sprouts from life and stretches into space, but that reach into space seems without purpose. The wind transcends the tranquility of a branch, when it causes it to gesture to and fro. Nevertheless, why does the branch never regain stability until the wind subsides?

Frustrated that his personal search failed to satisfy his craving for knowledge about life, Question sought advice from his close friend Comma. The nature of their friendship varied, but he found Comma adept at separating divergent thoughts into easy to understand portions. Maybe she could order his thoughts about life. When asked, Comma paused and proposed that Question consult a dictionary, which he did. However, the dictionaries definition of life seemed shallow, while Question sought depth.

Undeterred, Question next consulted Semicolon; the master of separating independent clauses. Semicolon suggested Question go online and conduct a word search on life, but ensure each definition had a subject and a predicate. Unfortunately, even though the word search provided deeper meanings about life they were not definitive; he found many and varied opinions, but they did not clarify and left Question more confused.

Question then talked to Colon, who is bold and upright and has no curves of indecision. Colon’s retort about life: Read a book regarding life written by a learned one, to find the answer. From reading such a book Question found sage advice, but the projected wisdom empty because what he read left him farther from his quest. He felt the knowledge from the learned one amiss.

Shaken and fighting doubt Question approached Period, who, in Question’s peer group, is the ultimate sign of authority and truth. Period’s royal stamp requires a stop at the end of a series of words, which indicates a complete thought. So, using his power of cessation, Period advised Question to end his pursuit for the truth of life, at the footstep of God’s Word the Bible.

Question’s trembling hands grasped the worn Bible Period handed him, and he glanced at Period. “Just open it,” Period said. “Then stop, read, and absorb.” Question obeyed and the Bible opened to John 14; his eyes drawn to verse 6. “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through me.’ ”

Wrapped in authority the statement lifted the veil that covered Question’s understanding, and Question’s journey for truth ended. Yes, Jesus Christ is the way to life, the truth to life, and life itself because He is life, period.

Scripture passage is from the NASB. .

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