Monday, November 5, 2012

What's in Your Cup?

“Oh my,” the dainty tea cup said, “this is an article about cups, and I'm a cup. Gee, I can hardly wait to read it. I really hope it includes how to hold me. You know, with index finger and thumb on my handle while the little finger points out. It’s very aristocratic, you know."
“Ahem,” the mug said, “pardon me for interrupting. Although being a mug means I'm larger and more robust than you, I, too, am in the cup family. So, that cup article includes me. In no way am I held with a thumb and index finger with some dumb digit pointing out. To hold me, all five fingers grasp my handle and hoist me skyward.

Also, it’s customary to shout ‘cheers’ while hoisting me. Don’t use the term aristocratic in reference to me. I'm bravado”

“While we’re on the subject of cups,” a faint voice said, “don’t forget about me.”    
The other two cups looked around but didn’t see anything.

“Over here, on the table, I'm the paper cup with mints and peanuts in it. Yoo-hoo, look to your left.”
“Where do you fit in a cup article?” the mug asked. "People pick at your contents until they're depleted, and then you're crumpled and thrown away. Where’s the aristocracy or bravado in that?”

“Yes, where?” the tea cup said.
“Well,” said the little paper cup. “I am much of what makes you two useful at social functions. If I am not dipped into people don't get as thirsty, and you're not refilled as much. Thus, you’re not needed. In fact, without me, you may be replaced by a large paper cup. So, pipe down.”

“The place is getting crowded,” said the mug.
“It certainly is,” the tea cup said.

“Hey, look over here and see a special cup; one which is not held but holed,” a voice said. “I’m a cup that when someone has a chance to hole me it may be worth millions of dollars.”
Puzzled, the other three cups looked at each other.

“For crying out loud, I’m a golf cup. I'm not just part of some article; I am the article. People write all sorts of them about how to hole me. Millions of dollars ride on a golf ball plunking into me. Your type of cups are generally not even mentioned in articles about me.

My Country Club experiences far outshines your so-called tales of grandeur.
Suddenly, though, the cups felt a Presence fill the room and they quieted. They looked at each other with terror in their eyes.

“Does what goes into your cups quench a thirst so that it never returns?” the Presence asked. “You, golf cup, even though millions of dollars ride on one chance to hole you what about the person that walks away from your cup to follow Me?”
“Who are you and what are you talking about?” asked the mug.

“Yes, who are you?” the tea cup said.
“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” the Presence replied. “I am the way to the promise of truth and fullness of life; an eternal life in heaven. The promise of your world, though, is a lie. You cups, for example, no matter what you hold always needs refilled to bring satisfaction.

"It's the same with everything else in the world, but truth is not found by trusting what's temporary. The world puts bonds around those caught in the lie of the temporal. However, believe in Me and be free of those bonds.

“Tea cup: You believe a sojourn into aristocracy will satisfy the desire for position. However, that little finger of insolence points to doom. Follow Me and learn that if you finish last you’ll come in first.
“Mug: You assume that capacity quenches the torment of never ending thirst. Follow Me and learn that one sip from My fountain satiates that torment.

“Paper cup: In your ignorance you trust that a continual supply of goodies leads to everlasting contentment. Follow Me and learn that walking with Me is true contentment.
“Golf cup: In your world of fantasy, you conclude that a hole-in-one is the ultimate. Don’t you know that the ultimate always requires finding a deeper hole? Follow Me and learn that a hole-in-one refers to being whole in the One.”.

With that the presence disappeared, the room emptied as the quartet began their trip to Emmaus. “Then, beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.” Luke 24:27 NASB

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