Monday, April 18, 2016

Nebraska: Happy 149th

On March 1, at the Multipurpose room in Bayard’s Grade School, the State of Nebraska ingested a stream of accolades pertaining to its 149 years of statehood. In fact, swelled with pride, the NEBR needed a strong shove from the ASKA to get out the door.

The public celebration included Mayor Coolidge emphasizing that Bayard is part of many people, towns, and cities, which make Nebraska a good place to live. The mayor also said what students do in school, and in the community, help make Nebraska a better state.

From townships to tourist attractions, the birthday celebration included a dazzlingly slide show of Nebraska highlights.

The celebration also showcased students reciting a Nebraska alphabet, with each letter representing past and present Nebraska lore. Of course, Agate Fossil Beds led it off, and the Goldenrod, Nebraska’s State flower, proudly took its place in line. The short, but illustrious, days of the Pony Express had its place in the alphabets progression, and one of the largest zoos in the world, the Henry Doorly Zoo, put an end cap on the A-Z that makes Nebraska’s individuality part of its heritage.
The celebration’s spotlight also beamed on the diversity of Nebraska, a heritage that stretches as far as Cornhusker eyes can see. In it are a variety of landscapes, fields and cities. It includes the interstate, the future, excitement, wildlife, lakes, and rodeos, and necessities like dining, hometown festivals, resources, and entertainment.

They all make Nebraska what it is. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

To make the celebration official, a riser filled with bright eyes, shining smiles, and personalities bursting with enthusiasm sang a fourth-grade salute of Happy Birthday Nebraska. I’m not sure the State kept its composure.   

To cap the birthday party, a Nebraska lunch awaited students and visitors. The theme included beef, corn, red velvet cake, and, of course, Kool Aid, whose many flavored roots first sprouted in Nebraska.

Those who partook enjoyed a nutritious and delectable taste that only happens in Nebraskaland.

During Nebraska’s birthday party, Superintendent Miller announced Bayard Schools will be an official site of next year’s statewide celebration of Nebraska’s 150th birthday. That’s a school system honor, and Bayard thanks the board, the administration, faculty, staff, and students, for their effort in exposing the best of Bayard’s Schools across the prairies and pavement of Nebraska.

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