Monday, June 6, 2016

Bayard Girl Scouts Crossover Evening

In1912 Juliette “Daisy” Lowe founded the Girl Scouts. Today, the organization has over 2 million members. The Girl Scouts mission is instilling confidence, courage, and character into growing girls.

Girl Scouts begin as Daisies in grades K-1 and Brownies in 2nd and 3rd grades. Fourth and fifth graders are Juniors and 6-8 grades become Cadettes. In high school Girl Scout members are Seniors and Ambassadors.

In the All-Purpose room at the grade school, local Girl Scouts recently participated in their annual bridging ceremony.

The evening’s curriculum included recognition for achievement in the fun and learning experience of the annual cookie sales. Incorporated into this activity is teaching the girls about setting goals, making decisions, managing money, learning people skills and business ethics.

Bayard’s group of over-achieving Girl Scouts learned their lessons well as they sold over 4,000 boxes of cookies. The top sellers received prizes and well-deserved recognition.

Now we know why Flex Fitness is open 24-7.

The main event for the evening of promise and fulfillment was the bridging ceremony. When Girl Scouts complete the requirements of their present level they cross over a symbolic bridge to a new classification. It’s a solemn ceremony highlighted by the joy of accomplishment.

Congratulations to the girls that crossed over, and the proud parents that riveted their attention on the unfolding scene of fulfillment.

The evening concluded with refreshments and plenty of “did see MY daughter!!!  

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