Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spiritual Giving

                                               Servers approach the front of the Sanctuary,
it’s time to share from His bountiful gifts.
                                                           How does one give to God;
the eternal presence Who’s everything?
We give from our abundance, while spit-shined and fresh,
He gave His blood while wearing a crown of thorns.

Scripture says God searches the heart,
what is pumping from ours?
Does our gift freely flow, or is it square,
trying to slip through a round hole?
Is it love, or is it a work,
what prompts our action?

 Though freely given, our gift is but a token,
a token of Jesus’ free gift of eternal life.
Our gift is from the fruits of our labor,
His gift is from His blood on a cross.
His gift left behind a tomb, forever.
To God goes the glory, for all He has done.

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