Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mr. & Ms. High School Sports

At BHS, set within the parameters of a track featuring designated lanes is a field / hardwood court. On one end is a basket hanging atop a ten foot pole, the other end is bracketed with goalposts, and a net stretches across the middle.  

The ensemble slowly rotates nine months of the year so that each section faces the rising sun, at its allotted time.

Its home for Bayard’s Sports Family; the siblings are football, basketball, volleyball, track, and wrestling. For consolidation purposes, basketball, wrestling, and volleyball, all bunk on the hardwood court to face that rising sun. 

As one, Bayard’s Sports Family is familiar with the popular saying: “you’re gonna win some and lose some, and some are called because of rain.”

Members of Bayard’s Sports Family understand winning and losing, and they understand that the coin flip is either heads or tails, nothing in between. However, events “called because of rain” are neither heads nor tails and are difficult to comprehend, and accept, especially when it involves an entire season.

Nevertheless, in real life, “called because of rain” may be the one forecast a person experiences the most. Therefore, it’s true that sports, in a rough and tumble way, teaches participants about the truism “called because of rain”.

Let’s face it; overall, it’s been tough sledding the last few years for some of Bayard’s Tiger-land sports. This is in spite of Tiger teams touching the four individual bases of positive attitudes, willingness to improve fundamentals, desire, and listening to coaches.

But, doggone it, instead of four bases being a homerun it started raining and hasn’t stopped.

Well, the rough and tumble lesson that sports teaches is that it’s possible, and probable, some things in real life will be “called because of rain”, and not go the way they’re planned. It may involve college, a job, a career, marriage, children, or spirituality, you name it.

What do sports teach about being “called because of rain? Even though it rains on your parade, you keep on keeping on. You keep putting on the pads and helmet, you keep shooting baskets, you find your lane and run another race, jump higher and slam harder, or learn how to avoid being pinned.  

If you’ve prepared for the next step, nothing can defeat you, not even death.

Yes, Bayard High School Sports family, it may have rained on your parade, but there’s no need to let it wash you away. Grab your towel of preparation and dry off, somewhere there’ll be another game, another season, another set of circumstances, but this time you’ll know all about “called because of rain”.



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