Friday, March 10, 2017

BHS: Finances and Weather Promote Ingenuity

As Murphy’s Law would have it, below zero temperatures and about a foot of snow arrived on the day two huge, heavy, 26 year old heating and cooling units, firmly attached to the roof of BHS, were scheduled for replacement.

But, for the crews hired to do the needed renovations, their schedule didn’t allow for snow days.
Thus, the day’s motto became “come rain, hail, sleet or snow, BHS’s roof units must go.”

Very early that morning, say around 5 a.m., on his way to BHS, Superintendent Travis Miller dodged City of Bayard’s snow removal team s making it possible citizens could drive down the streets to wherever they wanted to go.

Meanwhile, out of sight of most everything alive, Morrill County employees tried to clear county roads so, if necessary, school buses could pick up students.

Therefore, Miller safely slid into BHS where, soon, Ed Tofoya and George Likas would remove snow from parking lots and other pertinent areas around the school. To complete the picture, BPS’ custodial crew shoveled snow from the roof, so uninstalling and installing the units could begin and finish.

The scene was the proverbial beehive of activity for some, while a snow day for others.

Fittingly, the snow emergency fit snuggly into the already nightmarish picture of replacing the two units. Previously, in a “not sent from heaven scenario,” the assumption was it would take a large standing crane to move the units. However, to bring one to Bayard came with an attached bill for $19,000.

Unfortunately, BHS administrators, teachers, staff, food, supplies, utilities, etc. also come with attached bills, and the standing crane finished a distant seventh, at best.

Thankfully, the sun broke through the renovation clouds when it appeared a gantry crane would suffice, and the bill fit into the financial snapshot. But, the school had to furnish an indoor place to temporarily park it. The ag shop had room; thus acquired an overnight guest.

Therefore, despite a spiteful visit from Mother Nature, a gantry crane and dedicated personnel replaced the worn out heating and cooling units, and the doors to BHS still swings both ways.


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