Saturday, June 6, 2015

                                                    In a Stable

As His star blazed from the east, in a stable Jesus slept.
Did Mary sense what lay upon her breast?
The angels sang a glorious refrain, told of
the Son of God in swaddling clothes.
His rule over Jacob’s clan would never cease,
but did she know who Jesus was?
What being the Son of God entailed?
Did she embrace motherhood to that Child from her virgin birth?
Did she know she tread on unbroken sod?

Did Mary know Him as Creator?
With His hands and feet nailed to a cross,
He became a New Covenant.
He taught that worldly gain is heavenly loss,
did she know His time was short?
He had a mission to complete.
He came to earth, God’s fullness of times,
and ascended into heaven, Satan in disarray.

Yes, this Baby was special;
two thousand years later it’s still the same.
He began His submission crowned with a dove;
His passion ended with a crown of thorns.
To His Father’s glory He manifested love,
He brought to heaven the Father’s elect,
and never lost a one.
To God the glory for all He has done.

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