Monday, July 27, 2015

Christianity: A Relationship with Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ called, and now that we're Believers are we trying to install a relationship with Him but don't feel we're making progress? If so, maybe it’s because our basic relationship with Him is already there, and we're trying to institute something He's already established. A relationship with Jesus Christ is foundational for Believers, but it doesn't emanate from us; it began with an empty tomb.

The price for sin is death, but when a sinless Jesus died in our place on the cross He paid that debt.  Therefore, when He arose from the dead His empty tomb proclaimed the victory. As Believers, because His tomb is empty we have victory over death from sin, just as He did.

Because He's the Son of God, was victorious over sin, and called us to Himself, He’s the author of our eternal relationship. We will spend eternity in heaven with Him.

On the other hand, we're responsible for our daily Christian walk and the road is not smooth; it has hills and valleys because of our sin nature. Nevertheless, even though sin negatively affects our growth in Him it does not affect our salvation. That remains secure because His tomb is empty.

When it comes to our relationship with Jesus, we should bask in it and enjoy Him; secure in the knowledge we’ll someday experience Him as He really is. In contrast, we should concentrate on our daily walk of obedience. That we can control.  If we're not sure in what areas He wants more obedience, just ask Him. He promises us wisdom, but at the same time He expects us to respond in a positive way to what He says.
James 1:5.

Scripture is from NASB

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