Monday, April 18, 2016

Chimney Rock Villa: “It’s Their Home”

At a recent city council meeting, representatives for the City of Bayard voted not to renew Rural Health Development’s contract as the management team at Chimney Rock Villa. I’m not going to repeat the sordid details, but I’d like to comment on a statement made by someone who recently terminated her employment at the Villa.

In reference to the residents, and with her heart overflowing with emotion, she said, “Doesn’t anyone understand that Chimney Rock Villa is the resident’s home?”

In my opinion, I believe each management team that applies for the responsibility of managing the Villa should put in writing how they will respond to that statement. I believe their response indicates their level of respect for the residents whose home they will manage.

The word ‘home’ refers to more than clean floors, made beds, meds given on time, shopping trips and other activities. The word home embraces emotional warmth, respect, concern, understanding, genuine care and other adjectives that emanate from someone’s heart.

Most residents are someone’s mother or father. Maybe they served in a conflict that threatened our freedom in the United States. At one time, they probably worked either in or out of their home. They paid taxes, drove a car, were married, and more than likely owned a home. Maybe they coached little league teams or were Den mothers.

Maybe they enjoyed fishing or hunting, went on vacations, or traveled the United States before their health failed. Maybe they had a favorite football, basketball, or baseball team. More than likely they were either a Republican or a Democrat.

Those residents are human beings just like you and I. In most cases they were like what we are, and are what we will be like. They have the same basic needs as we do. They need love, they need to talk and be listened too, and they need to feel wanted. They may be older than we are, but they have the same emotions we do.

Just like everything else within the city limits, Chimney Rock Villa represents Bayard. May Bayard’s City Council determine to the best of their ability that the new management company will be a shining example of how Bayard cares for their Senior Citizens.



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