Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BHS: A Bastion of Melody

After hovering at the Student Showcase, most of the surveyors of specialty items sauntered to the auditorium and, along with other music lovers, relished in Bayard’s Jr/Sr High Spring Concert. Unfortunately, though, time didn’t saunter, and the melodious moments echoed into the hallways of BHS and on to harmonic infinity.  

But, in that surreal time frame, those in attendance enjoyed highlights from the concert and jazz bands, the Jazz Pandas, and the Junior and Senior High Choirs.

While the talent on stage shot musical darts that pinned those in attendance to their seats, I thought about words and how to mingle them with the harmony that flowed from the front of the theater.

Thoughts like “which is hardest, playing the music, singing the song, or pronouncing the composer and/ or writer’s name? Or what an honor it is to compete at the level of proficiency displayed at the Spring Concert.”

I thought about the hours of practice, from individuals to groups, and to replicate those sounds with the expectations of Mr. and Mrs. Babic. What did they believe the original composers felt when they formed that piece many years ago?

Personally, I know what it’s like to search for the right word to convey a thought or emotion. Do musicians seek certain tones for musical passages so they convey the correct passion?

Watch musicians react. I think that tells whether the sounds meet their standards.

Whether it’s a musician, athlete, writer, teacher, or business person, they all try to send their audience a message. Sometimes the message gets muddled, but usually it’s because they try too hard.
Remember: No matter the venue, at that particular time, more than anything else in the world, the artist, or artists, wants to please you. Regarding BHS Jr/Sr High Concert, those talented musicians painted their audience a perfect musical picture.

Bayard thanks you.

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