Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Concert of Fun

Besides the good music that resonates from the stage, another consistent witnessed at BPS music concerts is pleasure. To me, the pleasures of music controlled the 2016 Grade School Concert.

From the north wing of the stage, carrying their instruments, the grade school students filed onto the stage. They sported grins that exposed two rows of pearly white teeth within moving jaws.

They sat in respective sections with their attention riveted on the person up front. With no flair of propriety, Mr. Babic trotted to his position sporting his baton and ever-present smile. Facing his protégés he exchanged private pleasantries with them, and they responded with giggles.

Because of the giggles all tension caused by stage lights, and the audience, vanished.

Then the band brought to life staid notes strategically placed on a piece of paper. When the grade school bands completed their exhibitions of proficiency, they exited the stage with the same smiles and exuberance with which they entered.

By the same token, Mr. Babic trotted off the stage with his engaging grin.

Applause seemed like a small token of appreciation, but to rush the field of play is a sport thing. So the jam-packed auditorium just sat and clapped, or whistled, their delight.

Exhibiting the same vitality, students exchanged chairs and music stands for a riser. Once again they filed from a wing of the stage to fill it. Then, with a quick gait and radiant smile, Mrs. Babic appeared and became commander-in-chief of those on the riser.

Fronting it, with movements and lips in sync with the students, the Babic’s coached the youngsters through their routines; their smiles a vote of confidence.

As a result the students lost consciousness within their leaders, the moment, the stage lights, and what had been programmed into their psyche of rhythm, and they simply performed.

The quality of the performance enthralled the packed auditorium. It gave Bayard residents the experience they’ve learned to expect from these concerts. Along with the smiles, we thank all concerned for the encounter.    


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