Saturday, May 14, 2016

BHS: District Track Meet

Sun block flowed and canvas chairs, most with attached umbrellas, dotted the area around the track; the scenario: A made-to-order-spring day for last Thursday’s District Track Meet, in Grant, Nebraska.

Pacing didn’t calm the nerves of Bayard’s athlete’s; nerves rubbed raw from a season of one-on-one competition. They glared at the mini-horde of other competitors who dared to think they could snatch their goal away from them.

They were but two events away from their visualization. Only the prelims and finals were left to achieve their personal season-long challenge.

Would their prowess in a particular event propel them to the humidity-scarred track utopia they wanted to invade, in Omaha, Ne? A place to where they’d have to travel some 450 miles on a modern-day version of the Oregon Trail. 

The time to compete arrived and each snarling Tiger, garbed in black and orange shorts and pullover, took their place in a position where they felt at home. There they waited their turn on a particular field of competition.

It came, and Jessi Smith, Joe Ferrero, Jacob Hoff, and Bryce Burry met their personal challenge and will carry Bayard’s banner to the State Track Meet. Mitch McKibbon is the wildcard in the mix.

Still, this story has a special sub-chapter:  

After each of those specific events, tucked away on the southeast corner of that Perkins County track, sporting the spirit of Bayard’s Tiger-mothers, a group of proud matriarchs unashamedly hugged each other with tears carving furrows through their sunscreen-coated faces.

The congestion grew as the homing device that lies deep within the heart of a mother sent out maternal-Tiger-signals to other Bayard mothers in the area. There, in unfamiliar surroundings, they shared mother-vibes that only touched those with similar hearts.

In some cases no words were spoken, they each understood.

That’s the way it is in Bayard-land. The doors to our hearts are like the doors to our houses and cars, they’re unlocked and all Tiger-kin are welcome. Come right on in.

Good luck Tigers, swing your tail to brush away the stench that congregates in the east, and you’ll see your way clear to compete as the champions you are. But, win, lose, or draw, rest assured your pride will be here for you when you return.

Take plenty of tissues, though, your mother may need them.

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