Friday, November 4, 2016

BHS: Girls State Golf Tournament

Q. What happens when an Apple-gate swings? A. A hole-in-one drops in. (What else?)      

The odds of an amateur golfer hitting a hole-in-one are 1 in 12,750. In her third year of playing golf, BHS Senior Catherine Applegate mastered those odds at Nebraska’s Class C Girl’s State Golf Tournament at Maloney Golf Course, in North Platte.

In a group of three representing Gibbon, Norfolk, and Bayard, hitting last, Catherine teed up her ball on the 17th tee box; she eyed the flag 120 yards away. “I felt good because I’d been hitting the ball well; I even birdied the 9th hole, which really helped my confidence. I shot a 92 that day, which was my lowest score this season.

“I couldn’t make up my mind which club to use. I didn’t want to use a club that I might hit the ball over the green, so I decided to use a 7-iron that I knew I could swing easy but still get the distance I needed.

“I swung and watched the ball hit the edge of the green and roll across it into the hole. When it rolled in, stunned, I thought, ‘Wow, did you see that.’” The other two girls looked at me in amazement, and people on the green were clapping and looking my way.

“As I walked to the green, I was kinda in a trance. It was a surreal experience; one I’ll never forget."

Catherine’s going to the University of Wyoming next year, but she doesn’t plan to join the golf team. “I just want to concentrate on my studies. There will be time for other things later.”

I asked if she’s happy about playing golf in high school. “Oh yes, the game of golf changed my world. Before I went out for golf I wasn’t particularly confident or knew much about self-motivation. 
However, golf taught me what it takes to overcome the rigors of life.

“I look up to Coach Roberts; he helped me change for the better. I like having confidence in myself, and I’ll never forget what Coach told us, ‘If you’re close enough to get it in, get it in.’”

Well Coach, she did.                                                                                  

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