Tuesday, December 20, 2016

BHS: More about Strategic Planning

At times over the past weeks I’ve written about Strategic Planning and how it relates to BHS. Strategic Planning is a comprehensive plan that involves the school board, administration, teachers, students, parents, and community, while complimenting the teaching process.

In order for Strategic Planning to have a positive influence on students, those who make up Strategic Planning must cooperate and communicate with each other. Everything must mesh.

This week I’m going to discuss how Strategic Planning functions during the Holiday Season. BHS always makes a difference in their student’s day to day life, but at Holiday time, BHS strives to teach students more about values.

The BHS staff, students, and other groups join together to give of themselves. When everyone gives of themselves they’re doing something for each other; they’re demonstrating the symmetry of sacrifice. Things get done.

As part of the school system, the Bayard Tigers Association, Pathfinders, (the after school program), the 4H Mentoring Program, Tiger Care, and the Pre-School program all participate.

Working together, these groups were responsible for the Soup Supper, where donating a can of food served as the ticket for the meal.

Working together, these groups had a food basket drive. This year the Burlington Northern donated 13 turkeys towards the food drive.

Working together, these groups provide necessities throughout the year for needy students, from coats, to deodorants and shampoo, to everything in between.

Working together, BPS employees can set up payroll deductions that help fund projects that give.

Working together, individual Bayard citizens, churches, other organizations and businesses contribute financially to these groups to help fund various projects.

Working together, BHS’ Student Council is responsible for the Christmas tree that has cards hanging on it with gift ideas for needy students. The tree is at the school and at home athletic events during the Holiday season.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Food Bank for the Heartlands will provide baskets of non-perishable food for needy families. They deliver the baskets to Bayard’s Elementary School for delivery. Through feedback from teachers, the food is delivered to needy families.

United Way helps provide food boxes to needy families who don’t have children in school.

If you’re someone who has an immediate or ongoing need, call Bayard’s Elementary School at 586-1211.

Attention Bayard’s citizens: Did you know that with no school over the holidays there are BPS students who face the Holiday Season not knowing if they’ll have enough to eat until school breakfasts and lunches start again?

If someone would like to help needy families in Bayard call 586-1211and ask how you can help. Bet you get your question answered, in specifics.

Merry Christmas, and don’t forget the One whose birthday we celebrate on Christmas Day.

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