Sunday, December 18, 2016

Town and Country Dog Grooming

Whether your canine is a countrified Lassie, or a citified Fido, they’ll be at home visiting Bayard’s new doggy-bath- and-groom-Shangri-la. It’s aptly named Town and Country Dog Grooming because one place fits pooches of all sizes.  

Featuring the latest from doggy-ville, the Shoppe opens January 2. Besides grooming, the-haven-for-barkers offer the latest in canine apparel, novelty dog toys, vitamins, nourishment, and, for-the-
pooch-that-has-everything, hand-crafted-beds made from whiskey barrels.

(I didn’t inquire about the contents previously in the barrel.)

Anyway, in addition to indulging your dog, a cubicle in the building will feature buyable “not so high-end antiques”, along with a workshop for refurbishing those “not so high-end antiques”.   

Arrayed in one establishment, those two businesses display entrees from John and Bebe Shortall’s personal wish list, which came to fruition after they migrated from Maryland to Western Nebraska, about 7.5 years ago.

Their story belongs in a Golden Book, alongside a vintage Dr Seuss story.

A dog lover, Bebe purchased a book about dog-grooming back in 1978, but, instead of pursuing the venture, she went to work for the United States Department of Agriculture.

After she retired, a friend who also worked for the USDA, and lived in Lincoln, invited her and John for a visit.

They accepted, and while there they had the opportunity to partake of a Western Nebraska branding, so they drove west on I-80 for some 450 miles. They fell in love with the peace and quiet, the openness, and the beauty and freshness of Western Nebraska. So, they called their real estate agent and put their Maryland farm on the market.

They bought property south of McGrew and showed horses, which is what they’d done on their farm in Maryland. But, due to health problems, they had to sell their Western Nebraska venture.

However, not discouraged, they decided to fulfill life-long business dreams. Good idea; they moved to Bayard and bought a John and Bebe house, and a building for the business. 

After refurbishing the building, Bebe’s now setting January appointments for grooming your dog.
She plans Daddy-Dog nights for those who need to schedule their pets grooming in the evening.

In addition, even though Bebe has experience grooming dogs, she wanted to learn new ideas, so she’s going to a dog-grooming school in Loveland, Co.; she graduates in January.

The Shortall’s are now ready, so reward your dog for being the perfect pet by calling Town and Country Dog Grooming at 308-631-2751.

If you do, your pooch will be on first base for a home run of pampering, which wins the game of comfort and appearance every time.

And none of that says anything about the “not so high end antiques”. You’ll have to ask John about that.     


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