Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Change of Guard at Bayard's Public Library

The quiet, studious, internal atmosphere of the Bayard Public Library did an about face at the meeting on January’s Friday the 13th.

At the meeting, red faces, steely eyes, and confusion prevailed as the libraries longtime Director and janitor was terminated for an alleged haughty attitude. The accusations are alleged because no witnesses were provided. The decision to terminate was based solely on what the board alleged, from what some Board members said some people told them.

Furthermore, within the Library Board, the vote to terminate was not unanimous. 

However, from the four-other-than-board-people who attended the meeting, including a library employee who worked with the future former Director, their decision was unanimous. They expressed their disagreement with the choice to terminate the Director.

Perhaps Bayard's City Council will make the final decision.

Nevertheless, the future of the Bayard Public Library is at stake. Over twenty years of experience is irreplaceable. The position may be filled, but not the experience.

Although Bayard’s Public Library often functions “behind the scene”, its functions are not. Despite the impression of being alone on the corner, it’s an abode for a wide-ranging display of literature. 

The library's literature is for males and females, no matter their age, whether they're retired, single, married or somewhere in between, or whatever designation of humanity comes to mind.

In addition the Bayard Public Library strolls hand-in-hand with Bayard’s Public Schools.The school has programs that promote reading and through Bayard’s Public Library these programs are available to students.

If you’ve not visited Bayard’s Public Library for awhile, it’s time for some one-on-one time with a book. 


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