Monday, January 16, 2017

BHS: Babic Magic

Because of health and weather problems, twice over the past few weeks a duo of music magicians waved supernatural wands over make-up performances. When they did, groups of harmonious Bayard students fed back sounds spawned from hours of preparation and practice. 

Their efforts culminated into two Christmas Concerts of marvelous sounds, mixed with applause that echoed throughout the hallowed halls of BHS.

During the first Christmas concert, Bayard’s Grade School displayed up and coming tuneful aspirations for an appreciative audience. From the elementary band to the elementary choir, the exuberance of learning how to liberate sounds that meet in the Western Nebraska atmosphere and become rhythmic arrangements took center stage.

The musicians smiled, the conductors glowed, and the eyes of parents, grandparents and well-wishers glistened. I’ll even surmise that Christmas cherubs, drawn to the auditorium by the melodies, strummed their harps in appreciation.

Yes, a delightful evening for all.

When their night came, the Junior High and High School concert began with the 21st Century Singers stepping in rhythm to Christmas songs that emanated from their hearts, their way lighted by the symbolic Christmas candles they carried.

Seeing this procession of musical talent each year is never repetitive.

In solidarity, they sang carols as people walked into the auditorium. In solidarity, the procession stopped in front, and on each side of the reception hall. They harmonized to those seated in the assembly room; the arms of the audience held high holding cell phones to capture the serenity of the moment, for forever.

The Junior High Band followed that opening by taking those seated in anticipatory tension into outer space via rockets of sound. They provided music from the never-get-old, in Mr. Babic’s humble opinion, “Star Wars” soliloquy.

(Admittedly, most people never tire of music from that classic.)  

The High School Band followed with musical treats from “Christmas Comes Anew.” 

To close an evening worth waiting for, the 21st Century singers had an encore performance that was followed by the Junior High Choir.

During their turn, the High School Choir sang three songs that put an exclamation point behind the evening.

On behalf of we who partook of those two delightful evenings that musically glorified Christmas, Thank you Bayard's Grade School, Junior and Senior High music students, along with your instructors.

You all work well together.


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