Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Christmas and New Year's Day Thought

Interesting facts: The exact birth date of Jesus Christ is not known; nevertheless, each year the world celebrates his birthday on December 25.

Also, each year the world celebrates New Year’s Day on the first day of January, but that’s not a supposition because in 45 B.C. Julius Caesar introduced a 12-month calendar with the first day of the year being January 1. That calendar served as the official date-keeper until the fall of the Roman Empire.

After that a calendar based on Christian holidays took precedence, nevertheless, the new year still began on January 1.

Since then the calendar’s been adjusted numerous times, but, in 1752, the Gregorian calendar became the world’s official appointment keeper. If you have a calendar hanging on one of the walls in your home, it’s a Gregorian, even if it advertises an area funeral home, or a bank.

Regardless, in what is probably the final calendar edition, Jesus’ birthday is celebrated the week before New Year’s Day. Is that a coincidence, or could there be more to it?

Here’s some food for thought.

Depending on what’s happening, a year can be an extended drag, both physically and psychologically. Sometimes, we can’t wait until January 1 to refresh in a new year. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, that new year’s shower doesn’t always materialize, which can be a yearlong downer.

Contrarily, Christmas Day is usually uplifting. Why? Perhaps it’s the joy of celebrating the birth of a baby with those we love?

For example, after the birth of a baby the mother is exhausted and sore, but generally that’s secondary because the new baby represents freshness, hope, and excitement. When that new life lies on Mom’s chest, she instinctively holds it against her body, and that rejuvenates her.

Her exhaustion is not as exhausting, and her soreness is not as sore. The burdens of her pregnancy are history, and she’s excited about her future with the new baby.

Through it all, her heart expands its capacity for love, and her life has a new glow.

Likewise, when Dad experiences the baby he also feels its warmth. His dimensions for love stretch, and the new baby becomes part of the family.

How does all this relate to Christmas and New Years Day?

Well, on Christmas Day we celebrate a birthday so unique it’s celebrated everywhere. When we hold that special baby close to us we feel freshness, hope, and excitement. Our life radiates.

So, in December, when the cares of the present year threaten to carry over into next year, we know there’s a rest stop ahead, on December 25. The freshness, hope, and excitement we find will protect and propel us through all the January 1’s, from this day forth.


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