Monday, January 2, 2017

Federation Wrestling Meet

People, people, people, from every direction it’s people. People are standing, people are sitting, and people are meandering. Most of them with their eyes, their thoughts, and their hearts fixated on a basketball court that’s divided into six sections…

It’s Bayard’s annual Federated Wrestling Meet.

My wrestling experience consists of once watching Verne Gagne, a professional wrestler going back over six decades, when I was in grade school. Back then wrestling was not part of most public schools, so, fast-forwarding over those six decades, my next experience with wrestling is watching three of my grandsons perform in Federation wrestling.

All said and done, what I know is that my grandsons who wrestle know a lot about it and do well…without me. So, between their matches I have all sorts of time to sit and enjoy my favorite hobby…watching people. Watching people at wrestling matches is a gem because fans move around more than other sporting attractions and are less inhibited.

At wrestling matches, the most mobile and vocal parents are on display. They’re animated and they grimace, contort, and vocalize. They holler instructions to their child as the child is wrestling, as if in the heat of the battle the child can concentrate on what their parent is yelling at them.

This is also assuming that even if the child heard them they’d pay attention to what the parent says. But that’s another story.

The next segment is the vocal parent/grandparent seated in the bleachers. (Few grandparents are in the vocal/mobile group because we’re too old. Once we’re sitting we’re not gonna move.) Anyway, the vocal-in-the-stands-group explodes like a thunder-clap when their child/grandchild wins.  

The third group is also in the bleachers, and maybe like me don’t fully comprehend the ins and outs of wrestling. We intently watch but may not holler because we don’t know what to holler about, and if our child/grandchild wins we politely clap, once we realize they’ve won.
However, believe me, that doesn’t mean we’re any less involved. 

Wrestling matches are an entity unto themselves, and with children/ grandchildren participating I understand why they’re addictive and emotional. If properly handled, though, I believe wrestling is a bonding sport while other sports are more spectator oriented. Wrestling is a sport where parents and child can grow together over an extended period of time, whether or not the child hears the parent during the match, or if they win.

How neat is that?   

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