Monday, January 9, 2017

Senior Citizens and Reading

Usually I go online to get ideas for Senior Savvy. However, because I’m within the parameters of what’s considered a Senior, I went onhugh for inspiration.

While searching www.allaboutseniorhugh I found the subjects reading and writing, (but fortunately no arithmetic.) I chose to write about reading because penning thoughts on a Microsoft Word page is a personal thing, and, truthfully, I don’t understand it. Writing something is just there when I need it; if that makes sense.  

Reading, though, is a conscious activity and worth the time and effort. I wile away hours turning pages in topical magazines, specific venues of paperbacks and books that tickle my intellectual taste buds. Right now, I’m reading a quartet from the aforementioned genuses, and I try to read a little from each every day.

What is it about reading?

For many Seniors, too much time with nothing fulfilling to do is a problem; reading can fill empty time slots.

Reading is easy: Even if you’re a Senior who’s never read much before, as long as you have access to a City Library you have no reason not to explore that special art.

Reading can quash the travel bug: Would you like to go somewhere but don’t because it’s too far away and you don’t like to fly, or you’d have to go by yourself? Hint: Decide where you want to go and read about it in a book. Reading absorbs you into the pages, the scenery envelopes you and you become part of the landscape.

Seated at home in your favorite chair, with your pet in your lap, you’re where the book takes you.

Maybe you’ll become friends with a serial-character and follow them from book to book because they’ve become part of your life. Learn about specialty cooking, sewing, do-it-yourself, how to fix or make something. Whatever, you’ll find the answer in a book.

If you’re not sure what kind of book you’d like, go to the library and browse. Check out whatever title trips your trigger and take the book home and read it. Chances are you’ll enjoy the experience.

Finally, reading is inexpensive. With no charge you can read every piece of literary material in your town’s library, challenge yourself.

Simply enjoy reading. Be that Little “Senior” Engine that Could.

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