Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Are You Part of Bayard-nesting?

Along with fans, the wild and wooly winter winds of Western Nebraska chased Bayard’s High School sports inside the school. Likewise, Bayard’s Pep Band followed and assumed their position on the north end of the east side of the gym.

The Tigers exchanged their prolate spheroid, ( oval) pigskin, which is really cowhide with synthetic lining, for a synthetic fiber round ball. (a basketball) Now, by hitting shots at a hoop that’s attached to a backboard, both sexes of Bayard round ball score points in the school’s gymnasium.

However, in a different setting, Bayard’s Pep Band scores points by hitting precisely-placed notes printed on a sheet of music. But, when a basket or a note is hit the responses in the arena vary.  

When a Tiger hits a basket mass pandemonium erupts in the gymnasium, and that may be repeated 15-30 times, depending on how many baskets are made during the game.      

When the pep band, though, hits notes on a sheet of music it can have a calming effect in the sports center. Fans listen as musical strains from renditions of Hang on Sloopy, Tequila, and Wipeout permeate the gymnasium.

The trumpets tones are clear and accurate while the drum beat is precise and definite. Add the rest of the ensemble that compliments Bayard’s Pep Band, and what the fans hear is compatibility. They all hit the correct notes at the correct time.

Bayard’s faithful fans sit in the bleachers every game and enjoy it all.

Are these three entities something BHS orders and they come complete with instructions about how to put together? No, it’s a living triangle and each of the points strives to improve…as one.

Individual athletes work to correct their deficiencies; the coaches teach five to mesh as one.

The Pep Band practices, daily, at home and at school, to hit those elusive notes on the sheet music. Their instructors endeavor to find ways to raise the bands level of musical comprehension.

Fans rush home from work to grab a bite to eat before the game, or have to gag down fast food entrees as they drive to out-of-town games. Week after week they open their billfolds to watch and listen, good, bad, or indifferent.  

All three points of the above mentioned triangle are part of “Bayard-nesting”.

The oneness is catching. If you’re not part of “Bayard-nesting” give it a try. It’s good for what ails you.

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