Monday, April 10, 2017

BHS: It's Student Shine Time

“It’s like being a Swiss Army knife in a Fishbowl.”

Sitting behind his desk with a sorta straight face, those metaphoric words of imagery flowed from Superintendent Travis Miller:

(Along with students that tread the manicured hallways of BPS, methinks he referred to April being BPS Student Recognition and Achievement month)

Where to begin?

In BGS reading program, students set goals of reading a predetermined number of books during the semester. This year, to add suspense, the grade school teachers and administrators dangled an additional challenge; could any student read 500,000 or even a million words during the semester?

Well, three sixth graders grabbed the bait and unwound the lines of words wrapped around a large reel of book titles.

On Literacy Night, Treasure Whiteley, Cambree Schmaltz, and Elizabeth Hoskovec received their million word Certificates of Achievement. (Unfortunately, their eyes were too tired to read what the certificates said.)

Next, on April 11, starting at 5:30 and 7:00 pm, respectively, Student Showcase and the Spring Concert exhibited the inborn creative tendencies of BPS students. The events outlined what’s inside the participants; what flows naturally and needs no prompting to pour forth.

At Student Showcase, literary patrons felt the inner murmurings of a poet’s heart while reading a student’s artistic penning. Likewise, do-it-yourselfers probably envisioned every angle of every cut on every wood project, sanded to the softness and smoothness of a cat’s coat. You marveled at the range of imaginations with Ag shop projects, the science fair, and honed art work.

This all came from kids who, at home, probably can’t figure out how to make their beds in the morning. Go figure.

That evening, sometime before 7 pm, after viewing artistry in motion, hordes of aesthetic Bayardites traipsed across Eighth Street to hear the harmony that would fill the auditorium in fluid motions.

They wouldn’t be disappointed.

Through the melodious overtures of the annual Spring Concert, musical-telepathy arrived. The Babic’s displayed the fruits of their musical heritage.

Like buds of spring that deck barren branches, so vocal chords and instruments adorned the inner chambers of BHS, while choreographing musical fantasies into the psyches of the attendees.

The tapping of leather-clad pedal extremities matched drumming digitals that kept time with the sweet-sounding angelic overtures that whispered from the stage.

Yes, the month of April engulfed east Eighth with examples of ambition, fortitude, and imagination that streams from the inventive souls of the future of Bayard.

Thank you.

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