Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Mother'a Cup is Full

Whether it’s the prophetic one they held when they were born, the real one from which they drink, or the proverbial one that fills with daily cares; a mother’s cup is forever full.I'm sure it mimics the cup in the 23rd Psalm and overflows, especially in motherhood.

To see and sense that glowing hallowed cup hovering over a Mother defies explanation.

A newborn searches for Mother, latches on, and stays there til death do they part, and sometimes beyond.

What are the traits that bond?                                                                   

Is it the togetherness, the warmth, the hug, the smile, or the mouthed “I love you?” Is it shared sand in the sandbox, or the cookie dough in their hands, or discipline applied with love?

Whatever, it’s real.

The realness is memories that morph into adulthood. At family gatherings the “Mom, you remember when thus and so happened,” or “Mom, you remember when you said this or that,” or “Mom, you remember when we did such and such?”

It always comes to “We” because “We” goes hand-in-hand with Mother, both literally and figuratively speaking.

“Mother” is perpetual…”You’re just like Mother.”  “You sound like your Mom.”  “You do that just like Mom did.”  “You’re a chip off the ol’ Mother block,” and so on.

It’s this year’s Mother’s Day and thoughts still linger from last year’s Mother’s Day.

Mothers, we thank you for the memories. We’re from you and forever we’re part of you.

Have a great day.



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