Saturday, May 27, 2017

BPS: Camaraderie Turns the Wheel

Camaraderie: Comradeship, intimacy, sociability, fellowship, and for emphasis throw in brotherhood. Add a variety of students, a dash of curriculum, pinches of educators, and proper proportions of administration, board, staff, and activities.

Pour the blend into two buildings and mix at high speed for approximately nine months, for 13 years.

Suggestion: For three months each year remove mixture from the buildings and set aside to settle. If the above recipe is adhered to, after three months the mixture will sense its looming lack of stability and voluntarily return to the two buildings, for another nine months of camaraderie.

On paper the process of school-camaraderie seems achievable, and it is, but not without occasional slips between the cup and the lip.

The activities in the mixture are varied and diverse, and each has a distinct and definite purpose. 

Things like classes, recesses, after school programs, sports, music, a variety of talent-on-display programs,  parent-educator confabs, and in-house educator conferences, to name a few.

These are scheduled, and, for the most part, controllable, but missteps can happen when different varieties of humanity, with conflicting mindsets, are added and expected to co-exist. The mixture is occasionally volatile.

When added, the mixer may clog-up or splatter a too-runny mixture over the edges of one of the buildings. No matter the consequence it needs cleaned up, and the recipe adjusted. Post haste.

For two years I’ve been invited into the inner sanctums of the process of educating Bayard’s younger generations. I’ve been given books to read about the process of educating, I’ve attended numerous meetings, and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking, one-on-one, with many personages within BPS’ educational structure.

I’ve interrupted, asked dumb questions, subjected them to my unsolicited opinions, gone online for more information about a subject, and, occasionally, sat, listened, and took notes, keeping my mouth shut.

Nevertheless, over this time period, the constant I’ve encountered within YOUR BPS is the camaraderie that flows within the system pointed toward YOUR child and their education, both socially and book-learning.

It’s camaraderie that extends beyond the hours the staff is at school.

BPS really cares for your child’s education. I’ve sensed that intimacy no matter the educational vein we discussed. Never were names mentioned; camaraderie needs no prompts.

Rest assured parents, your children are in good hands with BPSState.

Now you know the story behind the results. Let BPS know you appreciate their camaraderie that flows between the banks of your child’s education.

It’s only because they care.


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