Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tiny's Growth Spurt

In town, a black sedan pulled up to a wood frame house with five steps leading up to a wrap-around porch. The weather-worn sign outside of town read Anywhere, USA.

“We’re here, sir.”

Someone stepped out of the car and walked towards the house carrying a cage covered with a towel. 
He sat it on the porch near the front door.

Then they drove off and left town the same way they came in.

Inside the house that Friday evening, Jerry Tibbett’s giggled as seven boys from his fifth-grade class sang Happy Birthday. After opening presents, eating ice cream and cake, and playing games, parents came to taxi their child home.

One parent handed Jerry the cage. “Happy Birthday, found this by the door.”

Jerry took the cage and pulled off the cover. Everyone gasped and Jerry held the cage at arm’s length.

“It’s a serpent, or something,” somebody said.

“Get it out of the house.” Jerry’s Mom Jane ordered.

“But Mom.”

“Don’t argue, get it out of here.”

Jerry knew how to respond to that tone of voice; he obeyed.   

Eating lunch the next day Jane told her men-folk she googled serpents but didn’t get any factual information because they’re mythical creatures. Putting potatoes on Jerry’s plate she said, “I’m going to feed it tree leaves, flowers, and grass. I hope it’s not a flesh-eater, like mine.

“Also, Monday, I’ll call area zoos to see if one of them will take it.

Jerry, using his favorite heart-melting blubber, pleaded, “I want to keep it. I’m going to name it Tiny.

“Tiny?” Smiling, his Dad laid down his fork. “Do you know how big Tiny might get if it has prehistoric or legendary genes?”

After lunch Jerry went outdoors and uncovered Tiny’s cage. Its black eyes glared into Jerry’s innocence. It looked like it wanted out.

That evening he stayed awake until his parents went to bed. Waiting another half hour he put on his shoes, tiptoed to their door and listened. He heard no one talking so he went outside to Tiny’s cage.

He carried it across the alley to the empty house Blowers used to live in. Opening the side door of the garage he put the cage inside.

Back in his bed he pulled the sheet over his head and wondered what would happen next.

Early Sunday Jerry hopped out of bed and went outside. Rushing back into the house he shouted, 
“Dad, Mom,” Tinys gone.

“Whaddya mean Tinys gone?” the retort came from the bedroom.

“Tiny, his cage, his cover, it’s all gone.”

“How could that be?” came voices from within trailing robes as they ran from their bedroom.   

Outside, they scoured the yard for Tiny.

“We’re gonna have to skip church and look for that stupid creature,” his Dad said.

Hurriedly they dressed and went on a serpent hunt; later, they returned home without Tiny.

His parents walked toward the house, but Jerry said he wanted to stay outside. When they disappeared through the backdoor he deadheaded across the alley to Blower’s garage. He pulled back the cover on the cage and couldn’t believe his eyes. Tiny had grown.

He’d just got back in his yard when his Dad called for him to come into the house. His parents wanted to know if he’d forgotten to tell them anything about Tiny’s disappearance.

Jerry said he’d told them everything.

“Ok,” his Dad’s said. “We just wondered.”

Jerry went back outside and to the empty garage. He opened the door and saw Tiny’s cage had split open. A huge Tiny hissed at him.

Jerry screamed and ran across the alley to his house. He burst in the back door crying “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry I lied to you. I just didn’t want to lose Tiny.”

Every detail of the story poured out, Jerry didn’t miss one. He cleaned his soul.

“Oh,” his Dad said, “you hadn’t forgotten anything. Let’s go see him.”  

“No, he’s huge and I’m scared”

“I think we’ll be ok,” his Dad said.

Hand in hand the three of them walked across the alley and opened the garage door.
Jerry tried to pull back but they wouldn’t let go of his hands.

“Take a look, Jerry.”

Jerry looked inside. Tiny lay docile in the cage.

“Son, when we sin we let Satan creep into our lives; he’s huge and controls us. But when we repent he loses his power and we’re once again safe in God’s hands.”

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